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Garrett GTX3576R Gen II Turbo 0.63 A/R - T3 - 856801-5048S

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Garrett GTX3576R Gen II Turbo 0.63 A/R - T3 - 856801-5048S

  • 400 - 750 PS for 2.0 - 4.5 L, T3 input - V-Band output - Single scroll - A/R 0.63
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Garrett GTX3576R Gen II Turbo 0.63 A/R - T3 - 856801-5048S

  • 400 - 750 PS for 2.0 - 4.5 L, T3 input - V-Band output - Single scroll - A/R 0.63

The Generation 2 GTX turbocharger is the latest thing Garrett has to offer. All Gen II turbochargers come with the following technical features:

  • - Gen II Aero milled forged compressor wheel
  • - High-Flow compressor housing with preparation for mounting of an optional speed sensor
  • Direction of rotation: Standard Right
  • - Ceramic double ball bearing
  • - Inconel Turbine wheel
  • - Water- and oil-cooled
  • - External wastegate
  • - Replaces: 836047-5001S
  • - Included in delivery: Turbocharger in assembly kit with exhaust housing and V-band clamp (exhaust)

Compressor side:
Entrance: 58.00mm
Exit: 76.00mm
Trim: 58
A/R: 0.60

Turbine side:
Input: 68.00mm
Exit: 62.00mm
Trim: 84
A/R: 0.63

General Garrett GTX-R Gen II Turbocharger Description

The newest (second) generation of the GTX turbocharger by Garrett are similar to the first GTX series. Roughly the turbochargers come with ball bearing, flow improved compressor wheels and preparation for the accommodation of an optional speed sensor.

  • An absolute innovation: 
    Many of the Gen II turbochargers are available as reverse revolving turbochargers!

  • Compressor wheel
    All GTX compressor wheels are forged and billet out of special, high-strength aluminum alloys. Due to this manufacturing process the turbocharger receives a very high efficiency. The very even wheel geometry also reduces potential pulsation noises. You can also recognize this on the X in the turbocharger identification.

  • Compressor housing
    The new Aero-Optimized High-Flow compressor housings with integrated mounting for optional speed sensors are matched to the new GTX impellers. The recirculation systems improved to Generation I extend the operating range of the compressor considerably by shifting the pump limit.

  • Core assembly
    All Garrett GTX are water-cooled and the Generation 2 always comes with a double ceramic ball bearing.

  • Turbine wheel
    The exhaust wheels are made of Inconel, which withstands highest exhaust temperatures.

  • Exhaust housing
    The turbine housings are optionally available without Wastegate, with Wastegate, as Single Scroll and also as TwinScroll.

Individual Garrett Turbos

This turbocharger offered here comes directly from the manufacturer. With Garrett turbochargers, however, there are various options to adapt flange designs and connections to the conditions in your vehicle. We are happy to put together Garrett turbochargers with various turbine housings and compressor housings for you. Please contact us by phone, email or contact form.


Product Type Turbocharger
Turbo (Series) Garrett GTX Gen II
Turbo (Sizes) GTX35

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