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Toyota & Lexus OEM Parts

We want to make sure your Toyota performs at its best, that's why we recommend using Toyota Genuine Parts. Designed, tested and approved by Toyota, they ensure superior standards of quality, maintain residual value and most importantly keep your Toyota a Toyota.



Locating the right OEM parts for your Toyota and Lexus vehicles is now easier with CBS Racing's Toyota & Lexus OEM catalog. Follow these simple steps to locate and purchase the parts you need:

1. Access the Catalog Go to Catalog: Visit our website and access the Toyota & Lexus OEM catalog. Click the banner below!


2. Search Using VIN Frame Box or Brand/Region Selection:

Option 1: Input your VIN in the Frame box for a precise search.

Option 2: Choose your brand and region, then utilize the filter to narrow down your car model.


3. Browse Categories and Pictures: Explore the catalog's various categories and images to easily identify your required part.


4. Add to Cart: Once you've found the correct part, simply click the "Add to Cart" button. This action will seamlessly redirect you to the selected part on our webshop.


5. Part Not Found on Webshop? No Problem! If the part is not available on our website, inform us, and we'll promptly add it for you. (In the future, we are planning to implement a feature that allows you to request or create a part automatically.)


Additional Assistance: For any further questions or if you need assistance in finding your parts, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you throughout the process.

CBS Racing OEM Catalog.

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12601-36091 - Cover, Engine, No.1

Cover, Engine, No.1

274.19 EUR

12601-36262 - Cover, Engine, No.1

Cover, Engine, No.1

314.74 EUR

12601-37010 - Cover, Engine, No.1

Cover, Engine, No.1

274.84 EUR

12601-38010 - Cover, Engine, No.1

Cover, Engine, No.1

85.19 EUR

12601-46010 - Cover Sub-Assy,

Cover Sub-Assy,
434.26 EUR

12601-46030 - Cover Sub-Assy,

Cover Sub-Assy,
409.36 EUR

12601-47020 - Cover, Engine, No.1

Cover, Engine, No.1
145.93 EUR

12601-51010 - Cover Sub-Assy,

Cover Sub-Assy,

498.92 EUR

12601-51011 - Cover Sub-Assy,

Cover Sub-Assy,
500.28 EUR

12601-YV010 - Cover Sub-Assy, Engi

Cover Sub-Assy, Engi
299.63 EUR

12602-17010 - Cover Sub-Assy,

Cover Sub-Assy,
146.28 EUR

12602-17020 - Cover Sub-Assy, – Discontinued

Cover Sub-Assy,
146.28 EUR