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Plug & Play ECU

Here you can find our plug and play ECU kits.

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EMU Black Lotus 2ZZ-GE Plug & Play - ECU Master

EMU Black Lotus 2ZZ-GE Plug & Play ECU

1399.00 EUR

EMU Black PnP Mini - ECU Master

EMU Black PnP Mini

1399.00 EUR

3SGTE Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

Plug and Play module for the 3SGTE engine.

140.00 EUR

Subaru Impreza MY96-MY98 Plug And Module - ECUMaster

Adaptor for Subaru Impreza MY96-MY98 Looms to connect to the ECUMaster EMU Black or Classic

140.00 EUR

2JZGTE Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

The perfect solution for a plug-and-play installation on any 2JZ vehicle, if you have a MK4 supra or a car with an engine swap to a 2JZ. Quick and easy to install and give you the full control and capability of our EMU Black or Classic ECU.

239.00 EUR

Mitsubishi Evo IV-VII 4G63 Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

Adaptor used for connecting Ecumaster EMU either Classic or Black with the Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 OEM wiring loom 4 connector version.

149.00 EUR

Audi 2.2 Plug And Play Adapter - ECUMaster

Plug and play adaptor for Audi 2.2 engines ABY, 3B, AAN. Designed for use without modifying OEM wiring loom.

139.00 EUR

Toyota 1JZGTE EMU Plug And Play - ECUMaster

Adaptor designed to work with Mk3 Supra 1JZ engine for both EMU Classic and Black ECUs

139.42 EUR

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Ix Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

With the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Plug and Play module, it is possible to connect an Ecumaster EMU computer directly to the original engine wiring harness.

139.42 EUR

Mini Cooper S R53 Plug And Play inc. CAN-BUS - ECUMaster

Mini Cooper S R53 Plug And Play inc. CAN-BUS

259.00 EUR

Nissan SR Plug And Play (64Pin) - ECUMaster

Used for Nissan cars with smaller 64 pins connectors namely the SR Engine range. Can be connected to either EMU Classic or Black.

156.00 EUR

BMW E36 M50 Plug And Play Adaptor - ECUMaster

Adaptor for BMW M50 engine to connect OEM Loom to the EMU Classic/Black. Please specify if you require VANOS or NON-VANOS when purchasing.

Suitable for the M50B25 DME 3.1 and M50B25TU DME 3.3.1

149.00 EUR

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