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8.5Mm Barb To 6An Bulkhead Fitting - Radium

8.5mm Barb To 6AN Bulkhead Fitting

Bright-dipped green anodized aluminum bulkhead fitting. 

26.89 EUR

6An Orb With 10Mm Barb To 6An Male Bulkhead - Radium

26.89 EUR

5/8In Barb To 10An Bulkhead Fitting - Radium

The 10AN ORB with 5/8" Barb to 10AN Male Bulkhead Fitting was introduced in Radium High Volume Fuel Surge Tanks in 2015. It includes a preassembled FKM O-ring and requires a 10AN ORB (7/8-14 threaded hole) with SAE chamfer to be drilled into the mating part for sealing.

26.89 EUR