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EDFC Motor Extension Kit (M12) (Ref. EDK08-P8514-12) - Tein

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EDFC Motor Extension Kit (M12) (Ref. EDK08-P8514-12)

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Making it possible to use EDFC Series on vehicle models that are not compatible as-is!

Motor Extension Kit uses the exclusively designed flexible shaft to allow EDFC Series motor (hereinafter, "Motor") to be installed at different positions away from the top part of the shock absorber. With this kit, EDFC Series can be used on more vehicle models that have no sufficient space around piston rod top.

Greater Flexibility in Positioning of Motor
The extension is 300mm in length and rotates freely, making it possible to put the motor at a more flexible location than ever.
Do NOT bend the extension shaft beyond the bending angle of R240mm. If bent further, the motor might operate unstably and/or malfunction.

Easy Installation
The installation process can be done with the shock absorber fitted onto the vehicle. Remove damping force adjustment knob and hex bolt then attach the extension kit. That is all there is to it. No special skill nor tool is required.

Exclusive Motor Bracket
A specially-designed motor bracket included in the kit makes it easy to anchor the Motor to the vehicle.
Cable ties for anchoring motors to the bracket are also included in the kit.

*Please use general-purpose bolts etc (NOT included) to mount the motor bracket to the vehicle body.
*Attaching the Motor to the vehicle body panel etc. might cause the motor operating sound to amplify and/or reverberate inside the vehicle.


Content of kit:

Extension Assembly x 2, Motor Bracket x 2, Cable Tie x 2 & Instruction Manual

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