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72mm - 5000k - Non Canbus - Angel Eyes / Halo (round) - SMD LED - Retrofitlab

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72mm - 5000k - Non Canbus - Angel Eyes / Halo (round) - SMD LED - Retrofitlab

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So-called ‘angel eyes’ are very popular these days: a brightly lit ring in the headlight units. Because Led technology is developing and because we want to offer you the best, we have renewed our entire product range.

The previous generation is COB angel eyes. Unfortunately, the COB technique did not meet our quality standards. We, therefore, decided to switch to a new technique. These new angel eyes consist of a ring made up of individual led lights, up to 130 led lights per ring. A transparent diffuser is put on top of the ring to create a bright and solid-colored ring.

What makes these rings unique is the dimmability of the lights. When fully lit, the rings are so bright that they could blind one in the dark. During the day, the rings can be used fully lit as daytime running light. When the low beam is activated, the rings are dimmed.

The second reason the rings are unique is that they are available in two color temperatures: 5000K (pure white light) and 6000K (white with a hint of blue). Most companies offer 6000K+ angel eyes or higher, which will look like “ricer” lights, for car manufacturers never use high color temperatures as high as 6000K+ in xenon or led lighting.

Do you have questions about these angel eyes or do you want to order them right away? Please contact us! You can email to info@retrofitlab,.com. We are more than willing to help you out!

  • 2 new SMD Led angel eyes
  • 2 Led drivers with dimming functionality
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL.
The rings are universal and will fit in a wide variety of applications. They are great to mount on the front of shrouds for full visibility, or to mount behind/inside shrouds for the light to glow through shroud openings. Check out the specs for the different shrouds to check the desired diameter for the shroud of your choice.

Technical specs
Leds SMD (Surface Mounted Device) led technology with transparent diffuser
Height of ring 7mm
Input voltage 9V-16V

Outer diameter Inner diameter

Product Type Lights
LED LED headlight bulbs

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