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(JZA80/XE20/S190) Differential Mount Bush Kit (Turbo) - Rear - SuperPro

Manufacturer: SuperPro
SKU: SPF4857-90K
365.06 EUR
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For turbo models

2 x Polyurethane Bushes

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Quantity required: 1

Kit Includes: 2 x Polyurethane Bushes
Fitment Difficulty: 3 out of 5. 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest.
Fitting Time: 3hrs

Wheel-alignment required after fitment



  • Toyota Soarer 1990-2000(Z3)
  • Toyota Supra JZA80 (1993-2002)
  • Toyota Aristo 1990-1997(JZS147)
  • Lexus GS 1993-1997(GS300/JZS147)


SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings, control arms, sway bars, and other suspension components for both 4x4 and performance vehicles.  Engineered to outperform, SuperPro’s specially formulated, high-quality components are designed to create suspension solutions for better stability, handling, and control in both on and off-road applications.

Products specifications
Product Type Bushings & Mounts
Year 1993-2002 (A80/MK4), 2005-2011 (S190), 2005-2013 (XE20)
Model Supra, IS, GS, GS
Make Lexus, Lexus, Lexus, Toyota

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