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Fuel Pulse Damper

Browse our range of fuel pulse dampers, fuel pulse damper kits and diaphragm replacements.

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Fuel Pulse Damper, Oem Style - Radium

Fuel Pulse Damper, OEM Style

The opening and closing of the injectors create pulses in the fuel rail, which can lead to unstable fuel pressure. This damper should be used (especially with high flow injectors) in order to achieve a safe and consistent rail pressure. The internal diaphragm will absorb oscillations and smooth fuel pressure.

67.34 EUR

Diaphragm Service Replacement Fpd - Radium

FDP Diaphragm Service Replacement

This is a diaphragm service replacement for the following products:

RADIUM FPD-R (fuel pulse damper, range)
RADIUM FPD-XR (fuel pulse damper, extra range) 

40.38 EUR

3An Vacuum Port Adapter - Radium

3AN Vacuum Port Adapter

Black zinc-plated 10-32 thread to 3AN adapter machined from high strength steel.

13.41 EUR

3/16" Barb Vacuum Port Adapter - Radium

13.41 EUR

1/4" Push-To-Connect Vacuum Port Adapter - Radium

20.15 EUR

Fpd-R, 3/8Npt - Radium

121.26 EUR

Fpd-Xr, 3/8Npt - Radium

134.74 EUR

FPD-R, Inline, Barb - Radium

161.71 EUR

FPD-R, Inline, 6AN - Radium

161.71 EUR

FPD-R, Inline, 8An - Radium

161.71 EUR

Fpd-Xr, Inline, Barb - Radium

175.19 EUR

Fpd-Xr, Inline, 6An - Radium

175.19 EUR