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Here you can find our range of wire-in ECU's

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G4XA AtomX WireIn ECU - Link

Small, but mighty!

The Link G4X AtomX ECU is the latest version of our entry-level ECU. Don't let its size fool you however, the AtomX has expanded data logging and uses the same microcontroller as the entire G4X range! It is more responsive and has higher bandwidth than its G4+ Atom II predecessor.


961.95 EUR

G4XM MonsoonX WireIn ECU - Link

MonsoonX, More features, more powerful.

The MonsoonX has been upgraded to provide 512 megabytes of data logging, meaning you can log much more data at a faster sample rate. Control loops are also more precise compared to its G4+ predecessor, along with advancements such as single precision floating point format fuel tables, better resolution within ignition timing and faster communications. These upgrades make the G4X Monsoon a true powerhouse in a small shell.

1270.50 EUR

G4XS StormX WireIn ECU - Link

Advanced tuning features at an affordable price.

The Link G4X StormX ECU is the latest version of Links trusty, mid-sized ECU. With eight injectors and eight ignition drives, it allows sequential injection and direct spark on engines with up to eight cylinders or four rotors.

1808.95 EUR

G4+X Xtreme WireIn ECU - Link

The Xtreme is one of Link’s premium ECU’s with more inputs, outputs and features.

The Xtreme has Peak and Hold Injection, built-in E-throttle and all the advanced features including Anti-lag, Cruise Control and Traction Control

With 8 Peak and Hold Injector drives and 8 ignition drives the Xtreme can control up to 4 rotors or 8 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark. The Xtreme is a great choice for professional-level motorsport or more demanding road car applications.

1633.50 EUR

G4X XtremeX WireIn ECU - Link

The XtremeX is one of Link’s premium ECU’s with more inputs, outputs and features.

The XtremeX has built-in E-throttle and all the advanced features including Anti-lag, Cruise Control and Traction Control.

2050.95 EUR

G4XF FuryX WireIn ECU - Link

A premium ECU with Onboard Digital Wideband.

The FuryX is a premium ECU like the XtremeX, but with added Onboard Digital Wideband Lambda Control. Now on the G4X platform, the FuryX features a faster processor, faster communications & a huge 512 megabytes of data logging!


2292.95 EUR

G4+T Thunder WireIn ECU - Link

The Thunder is Link ECUs biggest, most advanced ECU yet.

The Thunder is designed for high-end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control. The Thunder has more inputs, more outputs and more features than any other Link ECU. The Thunder has all the features found on other LinkECU's plus onboard 3 axis accelerometer, two EGT thermocouple inputs, two Onboard Lambda Controllers and 2 x E-throttle Controllers.

If it is Direct Injection you are after, consider the Force GDI.

2764.85 EUR

G4+Force Force GDI WireIn ECU - Link


The Force GDI is our first ECU built specially to control Gasoline Direct Injection engines.

As well as full GDI control, the Force GDI offers on-board digital wideband, E-throttle control, high voltage injector and high pressure fuel pump management, plus all the other features you have come to expect from one of Link’s world-leading ECUs.

The Force GDI can control up to 4 cylinders with direct injection.

2510.75 EUR

G4+K Kurofune WireIn ECU - Link

The Kurofune is Link’s first G4+ ECU built to run off adapter looms.

The Kurofune is a direct replacement for a common aftermarket Japanese ECU, but with significantly more functionality and user configurability than the ECU it replaces. Sharing the same connector footprint and pinout to this ECU means there is already a host of aftermarket adapter looms that will allow the Kurofune to plug straight in.

1548.80 EUR


Extremely versatile engine control system for powerful engines with up to 8 sequential cylinders. Up to 12 in wasted spark

Faster and easier tuning with built-in wideband lambda and a built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost. Get into serious tuning with advanced functions such as built-in E-throttle, 8 EGT, knock sensor inputs and superfast Cortex M3 CPU

For more information, check the info charts below. 

1335.84 EUR


For tuning masterminds working with racing professionals looking for the most advanced engine control system, this is it on the track, winning or losing comes down to details. That’s why MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information - Tune to perfection

Includes our easy-to-use MTune software for intuitive tuning, and real-time monitoring/control with our wireless MDash Android app.


For more information, check the info charts below. 

2112.90 EUR


Advanced entry-level engine control system for up to 4 sequential cylinders. Up to 8 in wasted spark. Faster and easier tuning with the built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost.

Get started faster with the easy-to-use MTune PC-software


For more information, check the info charts below. 

607.23 EUR