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The MaxxECU PDM20 is an advanced Power Distribution Module for MaxxECU units and is designed to replace fuses and relays in a modern way.

1413.28 EUR

EMU Classic - ECU Master

We are excited to announce a new and improved version of ECUMASTERs popular EMU engine control unit: the EMU Classic.

Our goal at ECUMASTER is to provide the best possible products at an affordable price. The new EMU Classic is evidence of ECUMASTERs dedication to that goal. We have improved the design of the EMU based on customer feedback and have kept the price at a similar level.

749.00 EUR

EMU Black Lotus 2ZZ-GE Plug & Play - ECU Master

EMU Black Lotus 2ZZ-GE Plug & Play ECU

1399.00 EUR

EMU Black PnP Mini - ECU Master

EMU Black PnP Mini

1399.00 EUR

PMU-16 - ECU Master

1090.00 EUR

GPS to CAN - ECU Master

Ecumaster GPS module assures high accuracy position tracking with 20Hz update rate. The module is able to use GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites using the included external active antenna. Thanks to a built in 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, the device can deliver information about speed, position, heading and altitude. 

299.00 EUR

PMU16-AS Autosport Version - ECU Master

1995.00 EUR

EMU Black - ECU Master

The EMU Black is a class-leading, stand-alone engine management system, designed to operate the most advanced and complex engines available. It is a successor of our proven system, EMU. Throughout EMU’s lifetime, we collected lots of data that allows us to substantially improve the device hardware and software.

EMU Black targets race cars, road cars, motorcycles, boats, and stationary engine applications.

995.00 EUR

3SGTE Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

Plug and Play module for the 3SGTE engine.

140.00 EUR

Subaru Impreza MY96-MY98 Plug And Module - ECUMaster

Adaptor for Subaru Impreza MY96-MY98 Looms to connect to the ECUMaster EMU Black or Classic

140.00 EUR

2JZGTE Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

The perfect solution for a plug-and-play installation on any 2JZ vehicle, if you have a MK4 supra or a car with an engine swap to a 2JZ. Quick and easy to install and give you the full control and capability of our EMU Black or Classic ECU.

239.00 EUR

Mitsubishi Evo IV-VII 4G63 Plug And Play Module - ECUMaster

Adaptor used for connecting Ecumaster EMU either Classic or Black with the Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 OEM wiring loom 4 connector version.

149.00 EUR

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