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Picture for category ECU Harnesses Adapters, Plugs & pins

ECU Harnesses Adapters, Plugs & pins

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ADU Connector - ECU Master

Ecumaster ADU Connector including contacts

14.34 EUR

Digital Ecu Tuner Plugins - ECUMaster

Plug with terminals for the Digital ECU Tuner 3

19.12 EUR

BMW DCT 16-pol connector - MaxxECU

BMW DCT 16-pol connector - Including terminals

44.04 EUR

MaxxECU relay and fuse box - MaxxECU

MaxxECU relay and fuse box!

108.90 EUR

VW DSG 20-pin connector - MaxxECU

VW DSG 20-pin connector.

Including terminals and seals.

24.20 EUR