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Now available Toyota & Lexus ECU Re-flashing!

13 Jul 2023
Now available at CBS Racing - Toyota & Lexus ECU Re-flashing!
What's ECU reflashing?
ECU reflashing means updating the computer software that controls your car's engine and other important functions. It's like giving your car's brain a software update. This process can improve performance, fix problems, or customize certain settings.
How does it work?
ECU’s are reflashed by altering the original Toyota/Lexus software inside the ECU, meaning no soldering and/or removing/installing components to the ECU. Original and reliable Plug&Play solution.
  • 7-10% Power and torque gain by altering engine maps
  • ECU’s can be modified for manual transmission applications. (Resolve limp mode which reduces torque when no automatic gearbox is connected & removes all fault codes related to the automatic gearbox)
  • De-cat fix, removal of o2 sensor & catalytic converter-related faults
  • Removal of any other engine/transmission fault codes (Also available as an individual product!)
  • Speed limiter removal
  • Raise the rev-limiter to any RPM desired (ONLY for manual transmission applications).
  • Immobilizer removal (Useful for swaps & swapped cars)
  • Improved throttle response & pedal sensitivity
  • Crackle tune (pops & bangs) (De-cat advised!)
  • Automatic transmission quicker shifts & modified shift points
  • Improved automatic transmission response


For any other questions, dont hesitate to contact us!
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