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08 Mar 2024
CBS Racing: Exclusive European distributor for Pro Spec Imports.
CBS Racing: Exclusive European distributor for Pro Spec Imports, your premium source for parts and accessories for JDM classics!
13 Jul 2023
Now available Toyota & Lexus ECU Re-flashing!
What's ECU reflashing? ECU reflashing means updating the computer software that controls your car's engine and other important functions. It's like giving your car's brain a software update. This process can improve performance, fix problems, or customize certain settings.
06 Dec 2022
NEW 2JZ GTE VVTi Longblock kits from CBS Racing.
With the continuous price increase of the used 2JZ Engines, we are starting to reach a point where getting a brand new engine might start to sound interesting. Therefore, we are now offering brand new 2JZ engines.
08 Mar 2022
CBS Racing looking for a web developer!
Looking for a different kind of office? And would you like to work at an ambitious, fast-growing, young car company? Then being our new Web Developer at CBS Racing in Schijndel might be the place for you!
29 Jan 2021
FAT Drift Performance - Drift Suspension
Need more angle?! CBS Racing, now dealer of FAT Drift Performance. FAT Drift Performance, a tuning company specialized in the development of parts for motorsport- and streetcars. Especially known for their Drift Suspension Kits.
18 Sep 2020
MaxxECU – Standalone Engine Management now available!
MaxxECU is a Swedish brand of Standalone Engine Management products. And we can now offer MaxxECUs affordable ECU’s, as well as complete kits.
30 Jul 2020
The CBS Racing Shop is open!
CBS Racing Shop is now open! We are very excited to offer our new range of products. We will be constantly adding to our range so please register on our site.
28 Apr 2020
CBS Racing now distributor of Zeknova Tires
CBS Racing is now an official supplier of Zeknova Tires in Germany & Belgium! We can from now on provide customers with quality motorsport & racing tires at a great price.