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NEW 2JZ GTE VVTi Longblock kits from CBS Racing.

06 Dec 2022
NEW 2JZ GTE VVTi Longblock kits from CBS Racing.

With the continuous price increase of the used 2JZ Engines, we are starting to reach a point where getting a brand new engine might start to sound interesting.
Therefore, we are now offering brand-new 2JZ engines.
For some extra money, this gives you the option to build your engine precisely as you want it.
Fx. Front sump / Rear sump? Cams. Valves. Dampers and so on..

These kits are all 100% brand new and have original parts. They include hardware such as bolts, nuts, studs, sensors, covers...
*We also offer assembly service, so you will receive a fully assembled longblock (+1250€ excl.) *

** Guideline pricing: 11.500€ excl. **

The price is based on the shown setup - but you can pick and choose as you please on certain parts.
Featured parts in this specific setup include:
    • OEM longblock with a rear sump
    • Kelford 242 cams
    • GSC intake and exhaust valves
    • Brian Crower billet keepers
    • Brian Crower valve springs with TI retainers
    • Fluidampr
    • ARP head studs
    • OEM shimless buckets
    • Cam, crank and oil level sensor


Again, the price is based on this specific setup. Therefore, your final price may come out cheaper/more expensive, depending on your chosen parts.


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