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Funk Motorsport

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Lava Rock Exhaust Wrap Titanium - Funk Motorsport

Funk Motorsport Lava Rock Titanium Exhaust Wrap is made using pulverized Lava rock. This vital component of heat management has great benefits for all engine applications.

45.74 EUR

Mk3. Turbo Blanket (Universal) - Funk Motorsport

174.69 EUR

Dual Layer Aluminium Heat Shield Sheet - Funk Motorsport

Dual Layer Aluminium Heat Shield Sheet

57.17 EUR

External Wastegate Blanket - Funk Motorsport

Wastegate blankets offer Turbo Blanket performance, for your wastegate! Protect the internal diaphragm from becoming weak over time and retain turbo performance.

92.11 EUR

Metal Locking tie (lock-tie) - Funk Motorsport

Additional metal Locking ties are useful for many applications.

0.65 EUR