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Crashed Baltic Blue Supra MKIV rebuild

During a holiday in Italy, the owner, unfortunately, lost control of the car due to the old, dry-rotted tires, resulting in significant damage, appearing to be beyond repair. Luckily, the engine remained intact!
After assessing the extent of the damage and estimating the costs for the rebuild, the insurance approved the project
We began by removing all the damaged components: the hood, front fenders, front bumper, bumper bar, front support, headlights, intercooler, piping, radiator, water pump, condenser, and undertray.
Once the damaged parts were taken out, we proceeded to replace the water pump, radiator, and condenser.


The new fenders, hood, headlights, and bumper were loosely fitted before sending the car to the painter. The car underwent a complete respray, returning to its original Baltic Blue color.

Upon receiving the car back from the painter, our primary task was to mount new tires on the wheels.

Next, we adjusted the body lines and permanently fitted the body panels. With the bodywork completed, we focused on the intercooler piping and mounting. To ensure compatibility with the OEM bumper and undertray, the intercooler was placed as high as possible.
Additionally, we fabricated the intercooler piping to fit securely in its designated location. Finally, we crafted a new intake tube to finalize the build.
With the final detailing touches completed, the car was ready to be returned to its owner, now in better condition than ever before!
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