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CBS Racing: Exclusive European distributor for Pro Spec Imports.

08 Mar 2024

CBS Racing is absolutely thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership as the European distributor for Pro Spec Imports!

Their dedication and passion for high-quality parts and customer satisfaction perfectly align with our values, making this partnership a perfect fit!

Pro Spec Imports is the go-to supplier for premium aftermarket parts and accessories, specializing in JDM classics like the Toyota Supra, Nissan GTR, and Mazda RX7. From sleek titanium keys to center caps, and interior upgrades...

Pro Spec Imports products    Pro Spec Imports products

Pro Spec Imports, a family-owned business established in 2013, has swiftly become a trusted supplier of premium Supra parts on a global scale. Renowned for its straightforward and reliable approach, Pro Spec Imports has expanded its product range over the years, introducing a distinctive selection of custom-made parts.

Distinguished by their use of cutting-edge materials and advanced processes, including Carbon Fibre, Titanium, 3D CAD, 3D printing, multi-axis CNC, and meticulous handcrafting, Pro Spec Imports stands out as a brand that prioritizes precision and innovation. Their diverse range of custom parts showcases a commitment to excellence, making Pro Spec Imports a notable name in the automotive world.

As the exclusive European distributor, our focus is on ensuring easy access to Pro Spec Imports' products, supported by our trusted customer service!


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