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(Supra MKIV) - 220mm Helical Mechanical Differential (Big Case Only)

For a smooth-running chatter and noise-free alternative to the 1.5 and 2-way clutch pack LSD’s for your streetcar.


  • Toyota Supra MKIV, Big Case Only!

These differential cores are designed to fit the 220mm case, only found in the Twin Turbo JZA80 Supra.

1494.35 EUR

MK4 Supra HVAC LED conversion kit - JP Ledworx

The Toyota Supra HVAC LED conversion kit by JP Ledworx is the closest we have come to obtain a Plug and Play LED conversion that offers the most OEM-looking and reliable LED conversion so far.

266.20 EUR

OEM Style 2JZ GTE DBW Throttle body adaptor kit - CBS Racing

New product by CBS Racing!
Product updated 13/10/23

**Throttle body and hardware are included in this kit**

744.15 EUR

New 2JZ-GTE VVTi Long Block

Completely assembled 2JZ-GTE Longblock 


If you want to configure your own? Please contact us directly!

17545.00 EUR
08 Mar 2024
CBS Racing: Exclusive European distributor for Pro Spec Imports.
CBS Racing: Exclusive European distributor for Pro Spec Imports, your premium source for parts and accessories for JDM classics!
13 Jul 2023
Now available Toyota & Lexus ECU Re-flashing!
What's ECU reflashing? ECU reflashing means updating the computer software that controls your car's engine and other important functions. It's like giving your car's brain a software update. This process can improve performance, fix problems, or customize certain settings.
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WIP PROJECT: Drift Nissan S13
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