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Extremely versatile engine control system for powerful engines with up to 8 sequential cylinders. Up to 12 in wasted spark

Faster and easier tuning with built-in wideband lambda and a built-in MAP-sensor up to 3 bar / 43.5 psi of boost. Get into serious tuning with advanced functions such as built-in E-throttle, 8 EGT, knock sensor inputs and superfast Cortex M3 CPU

For more information, check the info charts below. 

1335.84 EUR

MK4 Supra HVAC LED conversion kit - JP Ledworx

The Toyota Supra HVAC LED conversion kit by JP Ledworx is the closest we have come to obtain a Plug and Play LED conversion that offers the most OEM-looking and reliable LED conversion so far.

266.20 EUR

TRD S1 Series Style Toyota Supra Gauge Face Kit - JP Ledworx

TRD S1 Series Style Toyota Supra Gauge Face Kit

Replace your old/OEM faces with brand new handmade screen-printed gauge faces, with an almost identical finish to the OEM ones. 

623.15 EUR

Zeknova SuperSport RS - 245/40ZR18

  • High-performance tire, for the street and the track.
  • It is E Marked and approved for road use. (The E-mark is a United Nations mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU)


116.91 EUR
06 Dec 2022
NEW 2JZ GTE VVTi Longblock kits from CBS Racing.
With the continuous price increase of the used 2JZ Engines, we are starting to reach a point where getting a brand new engine might start to sound interesting. Therefore, we are now offering brand new 2JZ engines.
08 Mar 2022
CBS Racing looking for a web developer!
Looking for a different kind of office? And would you like to work at an ambitious, fast-growing, young car company? Then being our new Web Developer at CBS Racing in Schijndel might be the place for you!
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2JZ swapped Drift Toyota Soarer
After getting a hang on the whole drifting thing, it was time to make some more power and fix up the Toyota Soarer. A goal of around 800 HP was set, meaning 1 of 2 things: completely building and for...
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4.3L 3UZ-FE V8 - IS200 Engine Swap

One of our friends desired more power on his 1G-FE powered Lexus IS200.
Therefore we had the pleasure of doing one of our favorite engine swaps: 4.3L 3UZ-FE V8 Engine Swap.